Rights Policy

In the interest of website usage, the word “template” shall refer to all the design templates, business papers, and legal documents available for download on the GraphicSurf.com website.

It is important to GraphicSurf.com that all works featured on the site do not infringe upon intellectual rights. Thus, any product displays or usage without license or permission shall be counted as an infringement of said intellectual rights. Upon the discovery of any of our properties displayed without said permission, it shall be considered as a violation and an infringement upon previously stated rights.

Upon the discovery of any intellectual rights infringement on the part of the website, please contact our Copyrights officer and submit a report containing the following information:

(1) Physical or electronic signature of the aggrieved party, as well as an authorization from the owner of the work in question. This shall give the complainant authority to act on their behalf.

(2) Identification of the copyrighted, trademarked, or other marked rights of the infringed work as alleged by the complainant.

(3) The exact and full URL of the item in question as displayed by the GraphicSurf.com website, along with the URL of the allegedly infringed intellectual product.

(4) Contact information of the complainant including full name, email address, and mobile number for when communication between parties need to be made.

(5) A statement in good faith outlining the lack of malicious intent upon the website.

(6) A notarized statement that clearly outlines the information contained in the report to be accurate and true, adding that such statement is made under authorization of the owners to act upon their behalf to address the issue of alleged infringement.

Inappropriate Downloading

GraphicSurf.com reserves the right to restrict or terminate access to website products and services for users whose download behaviors suggests inappropriate use. Depending on the circumstances of use, GraphicSurf.com will remove any imposed restrictions once satisfied that a user is not engaging in appropriate download behavior. Please take note that to establish this, GraphicSurf.com may contact users to understand more about their use of service to understand more of the behavior, and will therefore avoid restricting their access. In case of a need to download high volumes of items, especially within a relatively short amount of time. GraphicSurf.com encourages users to show proof of legitimate use, to reduce the likelihood of triggering action response under this policy.

GraphicSurf.com does not impose a hard limit on a user’s ability to download items from its website. Should there be detection of suggestive behavior regarding inappropriate downloading or direct misuse of any of our products, the company reserves the right to take legal action in order to protect the company and all its assets. GraphicSurf.com will also investigate potential breaches of this policy as well as those covered in our Terms of Use, License Agreement, and other binding agreements as seen on this website. Any possible restrictions shall be removed within a reasonable time following a satisfactory result from our investigations.

If you suspect any breach of this agreement, send us an email via our contact page.