54 Wayfinding Museum Free Vector Linear Icons


Download this free vector set of fifty-four linear icons for museum directions. They can be used as: marks on an interactive map, signs of visual communication systems, pictograms of directions, brand system of signs, emblems of orientation in space and identification of objects. The icons are ready and can be used by any representative of museums and exhibitions, from a PR specialist, designer, marketer, event manager to an ordinary employee unfamiliar with vector graphic editors. The set of fifty-four linear free vector museum icons contains: Wi-Fi, exposure directions, prohibiting signs of food / animals / photo / video filming / telephones, archive, ATM, buffet / cafe, rental of headphones for an audio tour, fire safety, protection, places for disabled people, bicycle parking, utility rooms for cleaners, escalator, coffee shops, vending machines with food / drinks / coffee and much more. Our website graphicsurf.com has even more free vector sets of linear icons that you can get right now!

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